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Cordes sur Ciel

Cordes is perhaps the best known and finest example of this style of medieval fortified community. Dating from 1222, Cordes was founded by Raymond, Count of Toulouse during the turbulent years of the Albigensian Crusades.

Today, the hill-top village of Cordes stands in its entirety, most of its buildings having been painstakingly restored by the artisans and artists who now live and work there. Cordes and its environs is also home to many restauranteurs There are several fètes, spectacles, music festivals and general entertainments which take place in Cordes and surounding villages and hamlets every summer. and of course it has it's own unmissable Market every Saturday morning. (picture on the home page).
In addition to its historic importance, Cordes also has all the shops and services to sustain daily life (small supermarket, tabac, news agent, bank, post office, two very good boulangerie/patisserie, boucherie and several bar/restaurants). 

Visit the Cordes sur Ciel tourist information site